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Viking Hall of Fame Inductees 2015


Eligibility for any intercollegiate athlete shall begin five years after the individual graduated from North Park University. Eligibility for any coach shall begin five years after their first year of coaching at North Park University.


The individual shall be chosen on the basis of playing ability, character, and the contributions made to the team or teams on which the person played as well as to North Park University in general.

Intercollegiate Athletes

Must have been one or more of the following:

  • All American
  • All Region/Midwest
  • All Conference
  • Team MVP
  • Multiple Sport “Star”
  • Team Leader
  • Played a minimum of two seasons in one or more sports
  • Demonstrated strong moral character and qualities of leadership
  • Shown continued support of North Park’s values through service made to church, community, and/or national activities.


  • Coached at North Park University a minimum of four years
  • Demonstrated the ability to be a true educator to student athletes
  • Exemplified North Park’s values

Honorary Members/Special Circumstances

  • Contributed to the North Park athletic program in an outstanding way
  • Supportive of athletic program over an extended period of time


No more than 5 individuals may be selected in any given calendar year with no more than two in any given sport. A sport is understood to mean any intercollegiate competition sponsored by North Park University where official varsity awards or letters were presented to the individual.

Hall of Fame Committee

The Board of Champions of the Viking Club will serve as the official selection to the Hall of Fame. The Board of Champions shall monitor all rules and procedures for the election of individuals, and shall be responsible for all publicity. It shall be responsible for the gathering of appropriate information relating to potential candidates and the arrangement of the induction ceremony.

Selection Process

Names of individuals who meet these guidelines can be submitted by any alumnus, coach, or faculty member of North Park University. Submitted names that do not meet the criterion will be dropped. Individual names that are submitted but not voted into the Hall of Fame during a particular calendar year shall be carried over to the next year. Individuals must receive a majority vote of the Board of Champions to become a member of the Hall of Fame.

Submit a nominee

Inductees By Induction Class Year

Induction Class of 2015
Gray, Jr., Arriel
Mahoney, Rich
Nikiel, Megan (Slattery)
Quinn, Tony
Women's Rowing, 2004 Novice 4+
Induction Class of 2014
Anderson, William "Bill"
Hayden, Shari
Hjelm, John
Josephson, Brady
Safstrom, Annika
Sinovic, Adam
Induction Class of 2013
(McCarrell) Horner, Christine
Abel, Lucia
Benson, Lennart
Born, Keith
Breems, Dan
Lundberg, Mike
Induction Class of 2012
Douglass, John
Edstrom, "Nels" Art
Mount, Laura
Person, Austin
Induction Class of 2011
Carroll, Lacretia
Duncan Nelson, Darlene
Gooris Wells, Dana
O'Keefe, Dan
Svensson, Greger
Induction Class of 2010
Albrecht Metoyer, Stacy
Hancock, Craig
Hayden Smith, Michelle
King, Craig
Mattick, Bob
Mendyk, Andrea
Nikiel, Megan (Slattery)
North Park Academy Undefeated Team, Football
North Park Academy Undefeated Team, Basketball
Thyreen Larson, Krista
Induction Class of 2006
Horner, Marc
May, Al
Moore, Darrell G.
Pearson Bernero, Rachel
Stahl Collet, Ann
Induction Class of 2003
Ecker, Ted
Gierke, Todd
LaPalermo, Jim
Stuart, Mark
Swanson, Susan
Induction Class of 2001
Bach, Robert
Cederberg, Douglas N.
Favaro, Carl
Galante, Dan
Peterson, Karl
Wistrom, Ivar
Induction Class of 1998
Cerese, Steve
Kummerow, Walt
Matson, William
McDonald, Keith
Nugent, Greg
Peterson, Jim
Induction Class of 1997
Gooris, Daniel
Love, John
Olander, Inez
Induction Class of 1996
Cassady, Gary
D'Andrea, Anthony
Peterson, Willard (Pete)
Prikkel, Dennis
Slager, Mark
Induction Class of 1995
Haller Johnson, Terry
Hawkins, Janice
Induction Class of 1994
Barach, Michael
Johnson Djurickovic, Rebecca
Love, Scott
Paulson, Gary
Zetterlund, Steve
Induction Class of 1993
Clausen, Jim
Davis, Bob
Duesenberg, Gary
Erickson, Val
Kosko May, Susan
Induction Class of 1992
Anderson, Lars
Battaglia, Fred
Bay Matter, Belinda
Runnfeldt, Bruce
Induction Class of 1991
Biocic, Paul
Ebel, Mark
Groot, Scott
Johnson, Roger
Induction Class of 1990
Greene, Bernie
Kress, Ed
Lindstrom Ahlem, Gretchen
Olsson, Kurt
Pearson, Carl
Induction Class of 1989
Anderson, Wilbur (Bibbs)
Behrens, Al
Djurickovic, Bosko
Kruse, Fred
Mason, Dan
May, Darryl
Paulson, Scott
Induction Class of 1988
Baker, Jerry
Burgoon, Chuck
Carroll, Jim
Crawford, Greg
Greer, Modzel
Harper, Mike
Hedstrand, Ted
Johnson, Phil
McCarrell, Dan
Monegain, Justyne
Ross, Randy
Swanson, Bruce
Swanson, Dave
Swanson, Larry
Thomas, Mike
Zaeske, Paul